About Travis

My name is Travis Ismay I am a Christian man, I fear and love the Lord. I have six beautiful children and an awesome wife. I grew up near Vale, South Dakota on our family farm and ranch operation. My father is a veterinarian and practiced in Sturgis for 53 years. My mother is a microbiologist that worked alongside him every day. I attended western Dakota Tech in Rapid City and graduated with a degree in diesel mechanics. I worked in the diesel industry for several years, but decided to come back and run the family ranch.

In 1998 I married my beautiful bride Dusta and we’ve worked on the family ranch ever since. In 2008 we started our welding business and after many years of serving our community, we have established a good reputation of excellent work and being fair and honest with people.

Several years ago, I started looking into our local and state government and was shocked at the amount of dysfunction I witnessed, even at our local level. I am not a politician, if elected I will consider myself a statesman, but will never conform to the status quo. I will not be bought and I will not tolerate immoral or dishonest behavior.

I will work tirelessly to inform myself on every bill that I vote on, and in the end, I will use the morals and values that I have obtained from God to weigh the pros and cons of every bill. I am a strict constitutionalist and believe that all laws contrary to our constitution, Federal or state are null and void. I believe in lowering taxes by reducing government bureaucracy and overreach.

After researching many of the past legislative sessions, I noticed that rarely we need more laws, we just need to enforce the ones that we have and eliminate the ones we don’t need, which will be my goal.

I humbly ask for your vote June 4 to be your district 28B representative. Thank you.