John Hughes, Candidate for South Dakota House District 13

Candidate for SD House District 28B

Hello, my name is Travis Ismay, and I am running for office to represent our community as your district 28B representative. As a Christian man, my faith in the Lord guides every aspect of my life, including my decision to enter the realm of public service.

I’m running to champion these things in Pierre:

Eliminate Wasteful Spending & Bureacracy

Protect our Property Rights

Less Government, More Personal Responsibility

Eliminate Property Taxes

Stricter Enforcement of Serious Crimes

My journey into politics was not born out of ambition, but rather out of a deep concern for the state of our local and state government. Witnessing all the dysfunction firsthand, even at the local level, compelled me to step up and try to make a difference. I am not a politician by trade; I am a regular citizen, driven by a commitment to uphold moral principles and fight against an ever-growing government that seeks to increase regulations and encroach on our Constitutional rights.